Newtown Lodge No. 427


Trenton Thunder Game

** UPDATE ** If you purchased tickets in advance, your name will be on the will call list. You can pick up your tickets the day of the game from windows 6 or 7 an hour before the game starts or any time after that. See you there!


Lodge Book Club

The Book Club will take place at 2pm on Saturday, June 29th at Bro. Troy Bausinger's home. Contact Bro. Young for details.


Golf Outing

*** The 2nd Annual Lodge Golf Outing has been changed to September 30th due to poor weather. ***


9:00am Shotgun start

Membership Challenge Contest

Newtown lodge #427 Membership Challenge Contest

Beginning In 2019


The purpose of this challenge is to encourage members to help improve on attendance in the lodge and to improve the membership.

The winner of the challenge will receive a $100.00 gift card to Home Depot and their dues paid in full at the end of the year 2019.



Brethren can gain points in the challenge by simply coming out to stated, extra, and special meetings, instruction, and rehearsal meetings held thru out the year. Points can also be obtained by inviting brethren from our lodge who have not been out to lodge in a while, inviting visitors from other lodges and from lodges in other jurisdictions (states). The more meetings you attend and the more brethren you invite the better your chances.

Points to receive-

20 points for attending scheduled lodge stated, extra, and instruction meetings

15 points for bringing members

20 points for bringing visitors

25 points for bringing visitors from other jurisdictions (states)

50 points for new petitions for initiation and membership


* To get points for inviting members and visiting brethren.


Brothers are to invite and bring the member to lodge or meet them at the lodge. The invited brother must be at the lodge meeting to be counted in.







Brother John invites brother Sam, brings or meets him at the lodge, John gets 20 points for attendance and 20 points for Brother Sam. Brother Sam will also get 20 points for attendance.


You only will get points for the brother you invite to lodge. If brother Sam tells John he would also like to invite brother rich, Sam gets points for attendance and brother Rich only.


* How to keep track of points


Brothers who bring brothers out will fill out the sign in slips as usual (PLEASE PRINT), and on the front somewhere indicate weather they brought a newtown member by writing a N and a number of how many, a V for visitor and how many, and a VJ for visitor from another jurisdiction and how many. The WM with the help of the SW, JW, and secretary will keep track of numbers and will announce and award the winner at the December stated meeting. The last official meeting in November weather it’s the stated or extra meeting will be the cut off. The winner will be contacted prior to the stated meeting in December. Good luck and I will see you at lodge. Any questions please contact Thomas Gehring PM at 215-504-0350 or at


Bro. Thomas Gehring, Worshipful Master 2019

Stated Meeting

The next stated meeting is Wednesday, June 12th at 7:00 PM. Dinner starts at 6:15 pm.


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